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Patients Come Second: Leading Change by Changing The Way You Lead

By Paul Spiegelman, Founder, BerylHealth and Britt Berrett, President, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

Learn about how workplace culture impacts the patient experience. Order your copy today, and hear from hospital and healthcare CEOs on how they’ve seen a direct correlation in employee engagement and the patient experience! You may need a copy for everyone managing people within your organization. Order your copy today! Don’t forget to tell us what you think: Leave a review on Amazon.com.

Why Is Everyone Smiling? The Secret Behind Passion, Productivity and Profit

How many small businesses have a full-time employee whose official title is Queen of Fun and Laughter? How many have a CEO and COO who dress in matador outfits for a company holiday video version of “Dancing with the Stars”? Beryl is a “Top Small Workplace” because of one secret—its focus on people. Visitors report they feel the “vibe” when they walk in the door.

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Smile Guide: Employee Persepctives on Culture, Loyalty and Profit


Employee loyalty drives customer satisfaction, which in turn drives profit: This is the key to success for Smile Guide author Paul Spiegelman, and a philosophy he’s coined as the Circle of Growth™. If compassionate, ethical enterprises became the rule instead of the exception, businesses would be much better positioned to create more sustainable employment and greater long-term growth. This is where Spiegelman’s tried-and-true people-centric business model comes in. Building a solid culture program is a long process of hard work, but Smile Guide will provide the tips and tools needed to employ a proven means of generating small impacts that will transform your organization for the better.

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