About Us

BerylHealth, a Stericycle Communication Solutions company, provides the most comprehensive end-to-end healthcare call center solution for achieving patient loyalty and enhancing revenue.

BerylHealth is dedicated to improving relationships between healthcare providers and the communities they serve. BerylHealth helps hospitals and healthcare systems become the “top of mind” provider by building lasting consumer relationships. By providing a compassionate, personal touch, robust data, and customizable contact center solutions, BerylHealth extends the brand of the local provider through every patient contact, and provides hospitals with business insights that allow them to enhance their reputation and achieve their strategic goals.

Utilizing the patient experience technology platform, BerylHealth is able to collect a significant amount of data, translate that data into actionable information and measure the impact your services had on individuals, groups of patients (e.g. high risk, chronic disease) and patient populations (ACO, medical homes, etc.).

From patient acquisition to providing care to providing patient experience consulting, BerylHealth will design a patient experience strategy to attract and retain your patients.

Value Proposition
BerylHealth provides a continuum of care by providing superior patient experience value before and after a visit to a healthcare facility. We provide your patients with the information they need to find a physician, schedule a visit, find answers to questions, decrease readmissions and more.

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Stericycle Communication Solutions is part of Stericycle, Inc., a global leader in critical and custom services for Commercial businesses and Healthcare organizations. We have invested in the infrastructure, technology and people in order to provide world-class contact center solutions as an extension of your brand. Learn more about Stericycle Communication Solutions here.